Product Design (Solidworks)

Product Managment

Weldment Design & Analysis

Sheet Metal Design & Analysis

Interface & Fastener Design

Injection Molding Design

Value Engineering

Design for Manufacturing (DFx)

Cost / Benefit Analysis

Private / Governmental Proposal Support

Technical Due Diligence Support

Consumer / Industrial Product Design

Audio Product Design

PV / CPV Product Design

Energy Storage Integration & Systems

Optical Design and Analysis (Zemax)

Composites Design and Prototyping

Scientific Computing (Matlab, Python)

Controls Design (Simulink)

Audio Test Engineering

Test Engineering

Embedded Control & Actuation

Energy Storage + Generation Systems

PV Power Systems

Electrical Integration

Front End Design (HTML, CSS, JS)

Back End Design (MySQL, PHP, Ruby)

C++, C#, Java


Adam Plesniak

Expert in strategy, project managment, industrial hardware design, DFx, value engineering, web development, integrated systems, renewable energy. 8+ experience product development / project managment. Solidworks, Matlab, Front End, PHP / JS expert. Avid musician.

Neil Gupta

Expert in composite structures, composite manufacturing, integrated systems, aerospace and automotive DFx. 12+ years experience in mechanical engineering, program managment, entreprenuership. Solidworks and CATIA expert.

Thomas Roberts

Expert in consumer product development, mechanical engineering, hardware design, stress analysis. 8+ years experiment in mechanical engineering, test engineering. Soildworks + ANSYS expert. Avid musician, half decent surfer.


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